My Genealogy Research

I hope to include some of my research notes, tips, etc. right here. I’m researching the following surnames (plus many more):
Acceinstead, Adams, Allen, Askew, Back/Bach, Barber, Barns, Barrett, Beasley/Beesley, Blight, Bobbitt, Borden, Brown, Buckminster, Buelle/Buel/Buell, Burt, Case, Chaffin, Coggins, Collamore, Cooper, Daniel, Davidson, Dickson, Dorman, Dover, Durham, Enlow, Fenix, Filler, Floyd, Foutch, Gilmore, Goode, Greene, Griswold, Hague, Hahn, Ham, Harriman, Harris, Haskins, Hathaway, Hollam, Holler, Hoskins, Hussung, Isgrigg, Isgrig, Jenkins, Kidder, King, Leavenworth, Leftwich, Lewis, Lindsey, Lyon, Marshall, Matherly, Mathers, Mays, McCreary, McMahon, Mitchell, Newberry, Patterson, Pavey, Phelps, Phillips, Pierce, Pipes, Post, Prescott, Prow, Rains, Real, Reicher, Russell, Sappenfield, Sisk, Slater, Slaughter, Smith, Spencer, Stephens, Stewart, Sturdivant, Sumner, Sweeney, Toney, Wagner, Westover, Whitebread, Wilton.

Please remember, though, that even if the name is listed, it doesn’t mean I’m actively researching that name. If you email me I’ll share all I have on that name. 🙂

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