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I would like to welcome everyone to my blog. I hope to include much of my research notes, tips, etc. right here.

Below are some of the surnames in my family tree:

Acceinstead, Adams, Allen, Askew, Back/Bach, Barber, Barns, Barrett, Beasley/Beesley, Blight, Bobbitt, Borden, Brown, Buckminster, Buelle/Buel/Buell, Burt, Case, Chaffin, Coggins, Collamore, Cooper, Daniel, Davidson, Dickson, Dorman, Dover, Durham, Enlow, Fenix, Filler, Floyd, Foutch, Gilmore, Goode, Greene, Griswold, Hague, Hahn, Ham, Harriman, Harris, Haskins, Hathaway, Hollam, Holler, Hoskins, Hussung, Isgrigg, Isgrig, Jenkins, Kidder, King, Leavenworth, Leftwich, Lewis, Lindsey, Lyon, Marshall, Matherly, Mathers, Mays, McCreary, McMahon, Mitchell, Newberry, Patterson, Pavey, Phelps, Phillips, Pierce, Pipes, Post, Prescott, Prow, Rains, Real, Reicher, Russell, Sappenfield, Sisk, Slater, Slaughter, Smith, Spencer, Stephens, Stewart, Sturdivant, Sumner, Sweeney, Toney, Wagner, Westover, Whitebread, Wilton.

Please remember, though, that even if the name is listed, it doesn’t mean I’m actively researching that name. If you contact me, please don’t be too disappointed if my reply isn’t good news. :-(

I will blog here about my family tree, my family and any other thing that happens to be on my mind at the time.  :-)