Politics and Genealogy

Well…I’m a little shocked at some of the genealogy websites and “public figures” who have come out with a statement against the Trump administration and the Executive order concerning Illegal immigrants.  I could spout off here and talk about whether I agree or disagree with them…I could talk about how great Trump is or how wrong it is to turn away immigrants.  I’m not going to.  Why?  Because this is genealogy…this is my escape from things like politics and the news and the high rate of murders in cities like Chicago.  I’m tired of listening to one side berate the other for simply not agreeing.

Genealogy is my fun place…it’s where I go to get away from all of that.

So…while a few of the big genealogy sites and bloggers are getting people riled up on their blogs and message boards, I’m going to stay here in my nice little genealogy world and have a good time and unlike and unfollow those blogs and message boards!  (I’ll discuss politics with my friends and family….or not at all.)  🙂

Have a wonderful, non-political day!

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