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I currently have two websites for sale.
Momkaboodle – This is a great site with custom made graphics. Everything on the site is included in the sale: graphics, files, newsletter, etc…

Stay-At-Home Parents – This is also a great site. Again, everything is included, graphics, files, etc.

If you’re interested please feel free to email me at pcmom at aol dot com. (replace the at with @ and the dot with a . ) – All have been sold! Thanks! Keep watching, though..I’m sure to have more! (currently, July 8, 2011, the following is for sale: Family Puzzler)

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We moved at the beginning of June in to the same house I grew up in. It’s a big house, plenty of room for our large family, but also large enough to make it impossible for only one or two people to keep clean alone.

I am considering a *family meeting* tonight to discuss the mess we now have in our house. Granted, there have been some things happen in our lives this month that has slowed us way down in unpacking, and I will keep that in mind when talking with the rest of the family.

However….there are times when certain things aren’t finished, some people leaving their dishes or cups sitting out, things like that. Those things make unpacking very difficult.

What about you all? Anyone out there have a problem with older children and adults in your household not picking up after themselves? What do you do about it?

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A lot has happened since my last post. The largest being that my grandfather, Pappaw, passed away.

Ulyssis Lamar “Marty” Floyd passed away on June 15, 2010 in Clarksville, IN. He was the son of John Floyd (Murphy) and Lillie Florence (Fenix) Floyd. He was the youngest of eight children, only five of these lived in to adulthood; Emmitt, Baxter, Mazie and Sally. Lilly, Lee and Marie died at very young ages, under two, actually.
Pappaw was the last surviving child, even outliving some of his nieces and nephews.

He is sadly missed by his four children: Florence Katherine Crawford, Delores Mae Carpenter, David Lamar Floyd and Paul Duglass Floyd.

He has ten grandchildren, eighteen great grandchildren and six great-great grandchildren.

I love you Pappaw and miss you very much!

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