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I haven’t had a chance to just be lazy, lately. We’ve been very busy opening a new business…now, after more than a month of non-stop *go-go-go* we are finally able to just be lazy.

So…today we are taking full advantage. We are sitting around being as lazy as we possibly can…I on the computer, my children off doing whatever they want (video games, friends over, etc.).

It’s nice to be lazy every once in a while. :-)

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I love animals. Animals are so cool….cats are my favorite, followed closely by dogs and birds….
I have a pet cockateil named Willy. His full name is Wilford Brimley…because he looks just like the man by the same name when he gets his feathers ruffled. :-)
We also have cats, four of them. Shadow has been with us the longest and is the one we’d keep if we could only keep one…and according to my husband that’s the case…of course that’s been the case for years…
Our other cats are Midnight, Frosty and Smoky.
And then there is our dog Elvis. Yes, he is named after the singer Elvis Presley. Our dog was born on Elvis’ birthday so he was given the name Elvis by the owner before us. He’s a pomeranian and he runs the house. :-)
Do you have any animals? What are your favorites?

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