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I love t-shirts. Anywhere I go I have to buy a t-shirt reminding me of where I’ve been. I have at least one for every state I’ve been in. I have t-shirts from high school, from the Smithsonian, from St. Louis and Louisville. I have funny t shirts, plain t-shirts and boring t-shirts.

You name it, I have it or have had it…or probably will have it in the future. :-)

You know those t-shirts that say “someone visited (insert place name here) and all I got was this stinking shirt”? Well, I have plenty of those, too.

The one thing everyone knows they can get me is a t-shirt….what’s even better is if it’s a one of a kind…put a picture of my kids on a t-shirt and I’ll love you forever! Also, my cats…a picture of my sweet kitty cats on my t-shirt will make my day!

Do you like t-shirts?


We haveĀ 7 pets: one dog, one bird and 5 cats. We know about the need for pet supplies.

Each week we go through a large 30 pound bag of cat litter, a 20 pound bag of cat food, a small bag of dog food and about half of a container of bird food (not to mention the veggies and fruits my birdy likes to eat).

Then you have toys, cages, food dishes, etc. Our animals are treated every month for fleas/ ticks/ etc….etc…

It is expensive to care for pets, but it isn’t impossible. If you are having trouble taking care of your pet please go to your local humane society and ask for help. Tell them you don’t want to give up your pet but you’re having problems taking care of them. They will be able to either help you or send you to someone who can.

Love your pets!

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Reading can take you anywhere you want to go. The setting could be a castle, a prairie home, a night club, an amusement park.

The time period could be any time…1500′s, 1800′s 2200′s…

If you like watching movies, you’ll enjoy reading if you’ll give it a chance…

Don’t start with the huge novels…start small and work your way up..

Lose yourself in a book today!


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