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My husband and I missed the 20 year reunion…what a shame.  It looks like we may have had a lot of fun…neither of us drink, so we would have been in the minority there, but other than that it sure looks like everyone had a great time.

 Our life seemed to be slowing down a bit…then my husbands uncle passed away.  We have yet another funeral to attend….my husband will be officiating.

We are excited about school starting back up in two weeks.  With school comes a more scheduled life.  That’s something I’m looking forward to!  The kids enjoy the time we spend together and the field trips. I still need to put together our lesson plans for the first few weeks, but that won’t take very long..

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We would love to have our tv mounted above our fireplace…but my husband isn’t very handy around the house.

We have a flat panel, wall mountable TV….but we need a TV wall mount to place it on the wall.

Again…I’m pretty sure my husband won’t be able to hang it. I’ll have to do it myself or hire someone to do it for me. LOL

Oh well…he is good at his job and brings home the bacon. :-)

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Some people feel they need to diet…sometimes those people who feel that way really don’t need to diet. I remember one girl back in school who weighed no more than 95 pounds…and she complained all the time about how fat she was..

Girls are under so much pressure to be thin…they should only be concerned with being healthy. A diet pill isn’t going to be the answer for everyone….

Please teach your girls that they’re beautiful…they don’t need to lose weight to be gorgeous…they need only be healthy to be happy!

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I am in need of a new printer…I can’t seem to keep a printer. They all break down…or I break them down. ;-)

We had one of those wireless printers…but we accidently erased the ssid information…and we have lost the installation cd…so now what??

We also have a nice one that takes forever to run out of ink..but it’s only black and white..which is find when I’m printing out my genealogy papers, not so good with pictures! LOL

Any thoughts on a new printer?

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I have a Canon Rebel, and my daughter uses a point and shoot.  She really could use another SD card or two, though. She loves taking pictures and takes much better shots than I.

At one time I wanted to be a photographer…but I think I’m much better suited to just back the photographer in the family up when needed. I can’t get the shots they can, nor does it interest me the way it does them. Right now, I’ll just stick with homeschooling the kids and genealogy. I do love researching my own genealogy…maybe I’ll get certified in genealogy….???