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Well…I’ve been down with horrible poison sumac for the last three days…it has been terrible!  I haven’t been able to get in here and write my posts when I wanted to, I haven’t been able to enjoy the holiday, I haven’t been able to spend time with my family!

Check out this great sale at Since I’ve had the itchies, I haven’t been able to check much out on the internet…I am doing a little better today, so I was able to find this SanDisk Sansa C250 2GB MP3 Player! This is what I have needed these past few days! I have been absolutely miserable…the only thing that has made me feel ok was listening to music or watching tv….

Luckily, this isn’t contagious and none of my children have had it…I think I got in to it when I was pulling weeds at the side of my house…and once it came on, it came on fast and I was down for the count!

What a bad, long weekend I have had! :-(

Hopefully we’ll be able to go to the cemetery today to place some crosses on grandparents graves. I wanted to over the weekend..but, obviously, that wasn’t possible.

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Last year my mom went to Canada.  She had no trouble at all getting in to Canada or back in to the United States.  She didn’t need a passport, she simply showed her id.  She took her birth certificate just in case, but never needed it.

Now that has changed.  You must have a passport to go to Canada and back to the US…I was told it doesn’t matter how long your trip will be for, it’s still required if your trip is only to go grab a Canadian coffee!

Well…I guess whatever is necessary to help keep terrorists away…but I can think of a few things I’d like to do that is sure to keep them away! :-)

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My mom has decorated some of her house in wine and grapes. She doesn’t drink a lot…she isn’t a wino or anything… ;-) she just likes the look. She does have quite a few bottles of wine in her house, though. Lately, she has been talking about looking at those wine refrigerators. I told her that I don’t think she drinks enough to need one…I think she just wants it because it looks cool. ;-)

Oh well…I say go for it if it will make you happy and isn’t against the law…..she deserves to have anything she wants after all those years of putting up with me and my brother! LOL

My sweet and wonderful nephew has a birthday coming up and I’ve been looking for a good present.  He has just about everything a kid his age could want….so I have absolutely no clue what I could possibly get him. He has an ipod, so I’ve thought about getting him an iHome iH80 iPod Speaker System – Black. It’s at a great price at My nephew listens to his ipod while in bed…and those cords tend to get in the way…plus I’m a little concerned when kids have cords around their head and neck while they’re sleeping! This iHome will charge your iPod, it comes with a remote control and it will keep the cords away from the kids necks!

Two of my four children already have one and they love it and use it all the time. They think that is what I should get him…what do you all think? Should I get him the iHome or just a gift certificate? I guess I could ask my brother what he suggests. ;-)

You can also check out’s Weekly Deals for awesome specials on other great products.

I am considering an iPod for myself. Maybe I will get one of these iHomes for me, also! ;-) iPods are the greatest thing!


As most of you know, I am hopelessly addicted to genealogy…and blogging…and homeschool *stuff*.  I sometimes wish they had a drug rehab for my addictions…of course, then it wouldn’t be a drug rehab…it would be a genealogy rehab, or a blog rehab, or a homeschool stuff rehab.

Do I really need rehab or should I just allow my addictions to overtake me? I don’t believe genealogy can be bad, unless you begin to spend too much money and your family goes without food because you have no money left to buy groceries…ok, genealogy can get too addictive. Luckily, I’m not at that point. ;-) Now…my homeschool stuff addiction has gotten pretty bad in the past..especially before I found our current curriculum (Weaver Curriculum). Before, I would spend all sorts of time and money searching for what to do next…now I dont’ worry about it anymore. I just plan ahead using Weaver and everything works out great! :-)

Taking a genealogy vacation doesn’t count against me….does it?