The children started back to school two weeks ago….sorta.  Since we have been sick, school has been limited….very limited.   The kids really don’t have a lot to do right now:  language, history, bible, spanish, math, writing, science and html…but you would think I asked them to rewrite the dictionary in Chinese!  Sheesh! 

     As for K….she has two subjects right now (well, two that she does sitting at a desk) until we get her reading up to par:  math and Explode the code.  She is progressing nicely in Explode the Code…her reading has improved greatly!  Also, she doesn’t realize she is learning when we play games, watch biographies on tv, cook together, etc.  :-)

     The kids are very good about school.  They will *usually* get their work finished on time…..or shortly thereafter! :-\   T and L are at a point where they can do most of their work with little guidance from me. I help K with everything and that’s good. I love helping children who want to learn….it’s when they fight me or start complaining about the work that I get irritated! :-\

Tomorrow is Friday…I wonder which of the children will be doing school over the weekend to catch up what they didn’t get finished this week….

(Actually, I don’t wonder…I know…)

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