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     It seems everyone is blogging these days.  Go anywhere on-line and you’ll find links to someones blog.  What are they blogging about?  Everything.  You name it, there’s a blog for it.  Here are a few examples:

1.  Pet Monologue - all about animals

2.  Colts Gab  – I love the Colts!

3.  LOLDogs – Pictures of adorable dogs

4.  A Place to Land – A Christian, Homeschool moms blog

     These are just a few of the many blogs I’ve seen in the past few weeks.  If you have a passion, do a google search and you’re sure to find a blog for it. 

     As for me?  Well, this blog will just be a little glimpse into our crazy world…have fun, enjoy, and remember to take a break now and then and go play with your children!  ;-)

See ya round like a donut!